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I created these courses to help you feel inspired and confident with your photography. 

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People Retouching

I have worked with some of the top brands and magazines in the world and my workflow has been refined by more than 15 years of experience.. I’ll teach you my favorite techniques to achieve professional quality results. You'll learn how to achieve perfect skin tones, smooth skin in a natural looking way, reshape your subject without disturbing the background, and much more.


Dramatic Black & White

Learn the essential knowledge to compose, edit, and print incredible black and white images like a pro. This masterclass covers everything you need to know to create dramatic, dynamic, and engaging black and white photographs.


The Fundamentals Of

With these courses, anyone can fully understand and master the fundamentals of photography. From the camera itself and the principals of photography, to the "digital darkroom" - processing and editing your photos. Go from beginner to passionate amateur with this comprehensive bundle of courses.


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