People Retouching Masterclass


Learn the complete workflow from start to finish, and all of the skills you need to achieve completely natural-looking results in even the most challenging situations.

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This course is for you if…

You struggle with your software and tools and take longer than you should to retouch.

You don’t have a start-to-finish retouching workflow that guarantees results.

You aren’t able to retouch in a way that looks completely seamless and natural.

How did I get my retouching on the covers of Vanity Fair and other magazines?...

What you'll learn

As a photographer who’s worked with some of the top celebrity professionals, I’ll teach you my favorite techniques to achieve professional-quality results.

I’ve retouched major ad campaigns and covers of the world’s top magazines and my workflow has been refined by more than 15 years of experience. You'll learn how to smooth natural-looking skin, achieve perfect skin tones, reshape your subject without disturbing the background, and much more. 

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Imagine you could…

Have complete control of retouching, to make your work technically perfect. Understand advanced techniques, tips, and tricks to make Photoshop as fast and efficient as possible. Master a step-by-step process for retouching portraits like a pro.

Hear What Photographers Have to Say…

“Every question I had about retouching is answered in this Masterclass. Thank you!”
- L.K.

“Masterful teaching. The instructions are easy to understand, and the practice files make it possible to put everything to use immediately.”
- D.P.

“Love August’s approach to retouching. Fantastic workflow process to follow.”
- J.J.

“I think that a lot of people get intimidated with portrait retouching, because Photoshop can be a bit of a complicated program. I created this masterclass to help anyone break through these problems and feel confident, inspired, and professional when editing”

– August Dering

People Retouching Masterclass


Learn the complete workflow from start to finish, and all of the skills you need to achieve completely natural-looking results in even the most challenging situations.

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8h 21m




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Introduction and Getting the Most From This Course

I share my own background in retouching and share some helpful tips to get the most from this course.



In this lesson, I explain how I set up my Photoshop workspace and some of my favorite shortcuts to dramatically speed up your retouching.



I break down my workflow process from start to finish to create a roadmap for the rest of the course. I introduce the concepts of “Baseline Retouching” and “Creative Retouching...


Raw Processing

Learn how to process your raw files to get them ready for retouching in Photoshop. I cover the most important adjustments to make sure that your files are as good as they can be before you start re...


Image Analysis

Many people struggle with understanding what an image needs in the retouching process. I’ll share some valuable insights and techniques to evaluate your photos to easily identify what needs t...



Learn several techniques to reshape your subject without disturbing the background.


Skin Cleanup

We’ll look at the initial steps of skin cleanup and skin smoothing. Many techniques are covered including my methods of “Skin Tone Derivative Dodge & Burn” and “Split Si...


Split Size Dodge & Burn

Learn more about my technique of “Split Size Dodge & Burn” to smooth out the contours of your subject’s skin.


Skin Color

Learn several of my favorite techniques to correct color casts and skin redness, as well as some useful techniques to equalize skin tones to achieve consistent results across the entire photograph.



The eyes are often the most important part of a portrait. Several techniques are covered to add color and pop to your subject’s eyes without making them look fake.


Teeth and Lips

Learn some great techniques to make your subject’s lips look perfect, and to correct discolored teeth.



I introduce several techniques to make the subject’s hair look amazing, including a powerful way to add dimensionality and shape.


Fixing Fabric

I’ll share a versatile and powerful way to smooth wrinkles and fix other issues with fabric, a notoriously difficult thing to do using other methods.


Finishing Touches

Put the finishing touches on the first image. Several techniques are introduced including adding extra dimensionality and shape to the subject’s skin and two of my favorite methods to add fil...


Advanced Skin Smoothing, Part 1

On to the next photograph, a beauty image from a cosmetics campaign, I’ll share a new and powerful technique to speed up the skin smoothing workflow without sacrificing quality.


Advanced Skin Smoothing, Part 2

I introduce another technique to speed up the skin smoothing workflow with “Averaged Lightening and Darkening” using the Close Stamp tool. 


Advanced Skin Smoothing, Part 3

Learn how to combine all of the skin smoothing techniques covered so far to achieve perfect results.


Eyes, Lips, and Hair

Review the techniques covered so far and learn some new techniques to make the eyes, lips, and hair look their best.


Creative Retouching

I’ll teach you several techniques to achieve a more harmonious color relationship between subject and background as well as techniques to bring dimensionality and texture to the beauty image.


Fixing Challenging Skin Problems, Part 1

On the next image, this time from a swimsuit campaign, learn my exclusive “Isolated Dust &  Scratches” method of fixing challenging skin problems like goosebumps.


Fixing Challenging Skin Problems, Part 2

Learn additional techniques to correct the subject’s goosebumps and fix other skin related issues.


Another Technique for Skin Smoothing

I’ll give you another exclusive technique, the often useful “High Radius Dust & Scratches”, to speed up the skin smoothing on several parts of the model’s skin.


Skin Texture

Learn how to create a layer of paintable texture to ensure that the skin texture is perfect across the entire photograph. 


Dramatic Reshaping and Sky Replacement

Now we move to a photo from a fashion campaign. Learn how to easily correct perspective distortion and make the subject’s lower body recede away from the camera without disturbing the backgro...


Eyes and the Perfect Mask

Here is a new technique to bring new life to dull eyes. I’ll show you how to create the perfect mask to add color to the background.


Creative Retouching - Color and Contrast

I share a powerful technique to separate the dramatic color and contrast changes onto their own layers for greater creative control.


Creative Retouching - Extra Dimensionality

Learn how to bring extra dimensionality and shape in a very natural way using some of my favorite advanced luminosity masking techniques with a twist to take the model’s freckles into conside...


Creative Retouching - Color Manipulation

We’ll explore several more ways to manipulate color. Learn a new technique to add drama to the subject’s lips, isolate and adjust the skin highlight color, and add an additional adjustm...


Reversing the Signs of Aging, Part 1

Review some of the techniques covered so far, and learn how to dramatically reverse the signs of aging. And I will introduce some new steps to speed up your workflow.


Reversing the Signs of Aging, Part 2

We continue with the portrait of the artist, and learn some new techniques to reverse the signs of aging and adjust color and contrast. I explain the concept of “fresh eyes” which is a ...



I’ll recap everything I’ve covered in this course. I hope you enjoyed it!

People Retouching Masterclass


Learn the complete workflow from start to finish, and all of the skills you need to achieve completely natural-looking results in even the most challenging situations.

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