RAW Processing Masterclass


Master the art of editing raw images using Capture One.

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This course is for you if…

You have been shooting JPEGs and you want photos to look more professional.

Capture One seems confusing having used other photo software.

You’re using Capture One but you don’t know what some of the features are.

Imagine you could…

  • Have a professional workflow when editing, starting with raw images.
  • Feel confident and edit quickly when using Capture One.
  • Know how to create dynamic and aesthetic edits, every time.
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“I meet amateur photographers who don’t shoot raw images and rely on in-camera styles or app filters. Shooting raw leaves everything on the table. Take control of your editing by mastering Capture One.”

– August Dering

What you'll learn

Get started on your path to digital darkroom mastery.

I’ll teach you how to edit your photos like a pro in Capture One. In this comprehensive course, I cover all of the essential knowledge to quickly and efficiently edit your photos to make them look their best. 

I’ll teach you how to use all the essential tools that are specific to Capture One. Learn from start to finish how to get the most out of this powerful software.

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Feel Confident and Edit Quickly When Using Capture One




Learn how Capture One and Photoshop relate to each other and why Capture One is the most powerful photo editing program on the market.


Working with Sessions

In this lesson, I explain how to keep your photos organized using Sessions in Capture One. 


Import and The Workspace

Learn how to import photos into Capture One. I also cover the components of the Capture One workspace.


Essential Tools

Discover the essential tools for photo editing and some of my time-saving shortcuts to edit faster.



Learn why it’s important to always rename your photos and learn about the versatile renaming tools in Capture One. 



Learn the various ways to select your favorite photos as well as my time-saving tricks to copy and paste adjustments to multiple images.


Crop and Rotate

Learn some handy and tips to crop and straighten your photos and get an explanation of image ratios. 


Processing and Exporting

In this lesson, I break down the Processing tab in detail and explain the differences between JPEG and TIF and show you how to export your images in multiple sizes and formats at the same time. 


Advanced Adjustments 1

Learn powerful ways to adjust your images like a pro including; editing faster with custom keyboard shortcuts, the Spot Removal tool, and comparing multiple versions of an image with Variants.



Learn about color channels and the power of the Levels tool to make brightness and color changes to your photos.


Styles and Presets

Learn how to instantly see your photos in many different versions with Styles and Presets. 


Curves and Clarity

In this lesson, I explain the Curves tool and I’ll teach you how Clarity can be used to add punchy contrast to your photos. 


Color Tools

Learn several ways to adjust color in your photos including the very powerful Color Editor and the Black and White and Color Balance tools.


Masking and Adjustments

A deep dive into layers and masks. Learn how to target specific areas of an image to achieve the exact effect you want.


Styles and Presets

Learn how to use Styles and Presets on layers to combine multiple effects and adjust their opacity to achieve different results. 



In this lesson, I show you some important information for moving images inside of Capture One. Also learn a time saving way to organize your photos using Albums. 



Learn how to keep your work safely backed up and the critical importance of establishing a consistent backup workflow. 

Raw Processing Masterclass


Master the art of editing raw images using Capture One.

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Hear What Photographers Have to Say…

“I bought Capture One almost 2 years ago and have been so confused by it ever since, this course REALLY helped!”

“I didn’t even know what raw images were before studying this. I’ve been missing out on this whole world of creativity I didn’t understand.”

“This is the third course I’ve done to try and understand Capture One and let’s just say it’s the first that has actually helped! Thanks August!”

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