Editorial Photography Quickstart


From start to finish, learn how to plan, photograph and edit a professional shoot.

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This course is for you if…

You are worried that your editing isn’t up to professional expectations.

You love taking photos but you aren’t great at directing subjects.

You feel ready for your first big photography job but you don’t know what’s involved.

Imagine you could…

  • Know what’s required of your editing and deliver beautiful pictures.
  • Understand how to direct models under pressure.
  • Feel confident that you know what’s expected from you as a professional.
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“I really want aspiring photographers to see what goes into an editorial campaign. It’s a lot of work but refining the workflow and using all the tools at your disposal brings creativity and enjoyment to every step.”

– August Dering

What you'll learn

Follow along from concept to execution and learn how to edit and retouch images that a client will love.

In this detailed breakdown of a hybrid advertising and editorial photoshoot, I’ll teach you my approach to create dynamic work and wow the client.

In this course, you’ll learn the best way to approach client meetings, the importance of collaboration, communication and pre-planning, how to make work that photo editors and commercial clients will love, and much more.

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Learn how to create a captivating body of work in a short period of time.




Hear about the concept of the shoot and a brief overview of the topics that will be covered on this course


The Shoot

Learn how I prepared for the initial client meetings, how I devised a plan to execute the shoot and my tips and tricks to wow the client.


The Edit, Part 1

Follow along as I edit the shoot in real-time. Learn my creative process and the steps I take to ensure that my work will exceed expectations.


The Edit, Part 2

Learn more about what goes into editing images for a client.


The Retouch

In this lesson, I cover compositing and complex object removal in detail. See what goes into the final retouching stages. Finally, learn the most important part of any edit… the back-up!

Editorial Photography Quickstart


From start to finish, learn how to plan, photograph and edit a professional shoot.

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Hear What Photographers Have to Say…

“It’s so informative to see all the obstacles August had to overcome and to learn all the tips he uses to do so.”

“I’m so inspired to aim higher now with my photography. Such an inspiring course packed full of information.

“Such useful and important information that I have not been applying in my photography until now. Thank you August!.”

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