Camera Masterclass


Master the essential principals of photography and start using your camera like a pro.

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What if you could…

  • Intuitively know the right settings to get the perfect shot.
  • Have a full understanding of each component of your camera and how it affects your images.
  • Take advantage of everything your camera has to offer and create beautiful images.
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This course is for you if…

You mostly shoot with your camera on the automatic mode.

You're confused by some of the photographic terms.

You aren't getting the results you want from your camera.

You Will Learn...


This course is all about the camera and the principals of photography. Learn the cornerstones of camera control – things like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, equivalent exposures and much more.

If you’re scratching your head wondering what some of those terms are, and why they’re important - this course is for you.

Master the fundamentals with this course covering the essential principals of photography: aperture, ISO, shutter speed, equivalent exposures, preventing blurry photos, perspective, and much more.


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Many people get into photography and don’t learn the basics of how a camera actually works. It's so important to know this stuff intuitively. I made this course to help take the guesswork out of getting the perfect shot.
– August Dering




1h 41m





People get into photography and don’t learn exactly what is happening inside the camera. It is the single most important tool that you must completely understand. I made this course to help people with these sometimes confusing functions and terminology.

– August Dering

Gain a complete understanding of how your camera works and take better photos.


People Are Loving This Course!

““Hi, I’m only maybe 1/4 thru and I’m so impressed with all the information in this course. The amount of time spent to make these videos, against the cost of them, is amazing!! The detailed explanations in every course are so helpful and way more in depth than I’ve ever gotten in any other course.
Thanks August, for sharing your knowledge with me!”

-Darla H.

"I’m almost done with this class and it’s absolutely fantastic! His pace, tone and more importantly, WHY he’s doing it this way is spot on. I’m really enjoying this. Thank you."

-Dion L.

"If you truly want to take your photography to the next level, get this course. It’s worth every penny. August is an excellent instructor, he is no joke..."

-MLekocaj D.



Meet me and get an overview of the way this course is designed.

The Principals of Exposure

Take a deep dive into the three principals of exposure: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

What's a Stop

Learn how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO are adjusted. .

Equivalent Exposures

Once you’ve found the correct exposure, learn how to change the look and feel of a photo by adjusting these three parameters while maintaining the correct exposure.

Assignment 1

Put the skills covered so far to good use in this easy to follow exercise designed to help you get more comfortable with the effect that aperture plays on depth of field, and learn to set equivalen...

Exposure Modes

Learn the various automatic exposure modes on a camera and when you should use which.


In this lesson, I go over the different ways to focus the camera and share my techniques to quickly focus on the subject in any situation.

Focal Length

Learn about field of view and the effect that focal length plays in how your photos look.

Assignment 2

Learn how to get a better understanding of the effects of focal length and perspective on your subject and the background.

It's Blurry

Learn about the three different causes of blurry photos and how to make sure your photos always come out sharp.

Metering Modes

Learn how a camera’s light meter works and how you can control it with exposure compensation.

Dynamic Range and the Histogram

Learn all about the Histogram and how to use it to master Dynamic Range.

White Balance

Learn how the camera sees color differently than our eyes do and how we can control it.

Assignment 3

Time to practice with your new knowledge of aperture priority, metering modes, exposure compensation, and how the direction of light can impact a photo.

All About Raw

Learn the differences between raw and JPEG files and the many benefits of shooting raw.

All About ISO

Take a deeper dive into what ISO is and how it effects your photographs.


TI hope you enjoyed this course and feel better equipped to get the most out of your camera!

Camera Masterclass


Master the essential principals of photography and start using your camera like a pro.

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